Monday, September 05, 2011

You know your getting old WHEN...

  • you find yourself signalling like, 4 blocks before you need to turn
  • you said "DARN KIDS" at the teens running and jumping through puddles (Ahem...Brett)
  • you can't tell if it's a vein or hair when your shaving your legs
When I was thinking of this, I was like...hey, a lot of these are also "you know your a parent when...". Well, except the DARN KIDS comment. That just means your a grumpy old man! See:

Old or Parent: you find most of your ADULT talk is related to poop. BUT:
Old: your excited when YOU poop
Parent: your excited when your BABY poops

Old or Parent: Your ready for bed at 8pm, because:
Old: your just old!
Parent: cause your up every 2 hours with the baby or toddler through the night

Old or Parent: your excited to shower, because
Old: it's shower day! (ahem, Bob)
Parent: no kid is coming in with you!

Have a "you know your old/a parent WHEN..."? Please share!

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