Saturday, July 09, 2011

Do you ever get the feeling?

That you are that guy from the 6th Sense? (you know, the guy that walks around, interacting with people, only to realize that he's dead on only the creepy boy can see him. If I just spoiled the movie for you, too bad, it's been out for like, 20 years!).
I swear I almost get in an accident every day. and it's never (well, rarely) my fault. I sometimes feel like I am driving, and no one can see me. Yes, I have totalled 2 cars, but they weren't my fault! :) And the snowdrift I hit last winter totally jumped out in front of me!
And to top off the feeling that your invisible, it's usually those days that I can call 10 people and no one will answer their phones (again, no accidents are my fault! and I have never been close to an accident when on my phone! LOL)

F'ing Drivers

Yesterday, my mom and I were driving with the kids. A stupid driver pulled out in front of me, and I slammed on my brakes so hard the ABS kicked in....on dry pavement. As I looked at my mom in shock, I hear from the back seat "fuckin drivers". I try my hardest to not swear infront of my 3 year old as he does copy everything you say now. I KNOW I have never said that in front of him. I about died! And of course I then heard the rambling of the back seat driver "stupid drivers!" "did you see that car?" "stupid drivers!". I really try hard to not say bad words, but I guess they must slip out now and then! OOPS! LOL