Sunday, August 14, 2011

SHHHHHHH!!!! We're huntin' wabbit!

(This really has nothing to do with hunting. Or rabbits. Just a random thought!)

Lately, when I put Brody down for a nap, or bed, or when we come home, and he's asleep, it seems like SOMEONE tries their hardest to wake him up.

Like the other day when I FINALLY got him to sleep, and Eric and I wandered downstairs to switch out his train tracks for car tracks. OF COURSE the dogs have to start playing and barking, and wake him up. GRRR WOOF WOOF, WAH WAH

Or heaven forbid, a dog walks past our house. WOOF WOOF, WAH WAH

Or Eric, who has been quietly sitting playing or watching TV, waits until I close Brody's door to yell at me. Or the dogs. Or himself. Or play with the loudest most annoying toy ever. Right outside his door. WAH WAH.

Or tonight, when we got home really late, and boy kids were asleep. Much hushing and quiet hellos ensued with the dogs, who apparently where really bored as we weren't around for, heaven forbid, 4 hours! ARR WOO WOO WOO WOO. Eye's open. Big smiles. Fuck.

These days, I'm lucky if Brody can get through a nap without being woken up, and, gasp, sleep for more then 20 minutes straight.

Luckily, Brody can get by mostly happy with these annoyingly frequent wake-ups. And seriously happiest baby EVER at, well, any time of the night. Which usually translates to an "it's PLAY time!!!" battle. (for what it's worth, I won the battle tonight, and had him back asleep within 30 mins. Is it that hard to get home and just put sleeping kids in their beds! ARG)