Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our weekend

This weekend was one of those picture perfect summer weekends. You know the kind when the days are hot, there is just enough breeze, it cools down JUST enough in the evenings, and there is NO bugs pissing you off.

Friday, Eric spent the afternoon with his Granny. That gave me a lot of time to declutter my kitchen and give it a great scrubbing. Brett got off work early, and we planned out the dog run, and got some cleaning done. I attempted to clean out Eric and Brody's room (well, Brody will ONE day be in there...), but Mr. B was fussy so I did a quick tidy and snuggled with grumpalumpalous.

Saturday I had a nice morning walk with the dogs, and then took Brody with me to go do some coupon shopping. I think I did pretty good for my first good couponing trip:

Tide on sale for 5.99, plus a buy 2 get $3 off, so I got 2 bottles of tide for $9 (basically 1 free from original price of $8.99). I also used my "buy a tide detergent and get $2 off tide stain release product", which was on sale for $2.99. I figured I would try it out for a dollar (I have kids = good investment). and you can use those coupons together.
Arm and Hammer cat litter was on sale for $4.99 and I had a $2 off coupon.
Jergens hand soap: 2.49 each, coupon for buy 2, get $2 off
Windex is BOGO, plus I had a $.50 off
All in all I spent 47.30, before sales and coupons would be $79.63 (coupons were 15.24 savings)

Ran to a few more places (damit, forgot to pick up my prescription!!!), and headed home. Eric had been outside with Brett digging. They were having a blast. Is there anything more perfect for a 3 year old then hanging outside with Daddy and Uncle JamieKris (as Eric calls him), digging in dirt and doing boy things? I think he was in heaven! The boys ran to Home Depot, and I took the kids to the dollar store. While I was there, I got a phone call that a family friend, my mom's best friend, was in town. Last time I saw her, Eric was a month old.... I ran over to go visit for a while. It was wonderful to catch up, I can't believe we lived with her 20 years ago!!! She is expecting her second grandbaby in a few months, which is hard to believe that her baby has babies (B is a few years younger then me, but I still think of her as just so young!!!). Ran home as we had company coming for supper (crockpot lasagna). Eric had a blast playing with A. They play a lot in the sand and in the dirt, and with the way our house faces, it was great that they could play in the cooler shade. J and I sat on the deck after supper with the babies in the perfect evening shade. Couldn't have been better. Even the stupid mosquito's decided to give it a rest.

As company was leaving I noticed a bunch of pricklies starting to grow on our lawn, so Eric and I picked "flowers" as company left. We found a grasshopper and played with that poor thing for about 45 minutes. Eric cracks me up with his "AHHHHHH" scream as he runs away. Silly boy is "scared" of bugs (and seagulls, apparently!). The hopper was a good trooper, and we left him completely unharmed. In fact, I am pretty sure that we found him again tonight, and this time he endured 4 kids "holding" him! LOL he's going to be one tame hopper if he sticks around here!

Today (Sunday) was a busy day again. Brett and I bought blinds last week for the kitchen and front window, so we got the kitchen window blind up. I had to run into town, and decided I was going to get my clothes line finally! it's a bit jimmy-rigged, but it's up and functional, and doesn't look...horrible! (a retractable clothes line attached to the house, and a hanging flower stand attached to the deck. Perfect!). The rest of the afternoon/evening was spent relaxing on the deck and relaxing inside. I discovered that Brody has finally pushed through a tooth...he's still pretty fussy though. I think he's SO close to sitting on his own, so I hope thats the fussiness...

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend! <3