Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Shop is OPEN!!!

As I sit here with a baby on my lap, and a toddler snuggling with me under a blanket in +30* (celcius), I am working on adding products to my Etsy shop!!!


Which means my dishes will sit a little longer, the laundry will stay in the hamper, and dinner remains on hold!

It also means I need to work on getting my supply built up!

any suggestions on what I should have in my store (felt food)?

i have carrots, pea pods, strawberries, straight pasta, bowtie pasta, popcorn, peelable banana, and oven mitts.
fyi, no cupcakes! they sucked!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Texting 1

my hubs has the option on his texting that it finishes the word for you. i often get really weird texts that make no sense, but he never realizes what he actually sent to me.

Me: are you across the street?
Him: now

well, what the hell does that mean? LOL (he meant no). I wouldn't put it passed him to write back "now" as a response to a question. (one day i will write about his wonderful "yes and no" answer)

Leave a comment and let me know what oops or odd texts you've gotten.